Thousands of candidates take security guard and private investigator tests every year. Following are some of the most commonly asked questions and lesser known facts about the test.

How do I get my test results? I don't have a TCN or appointment confirmation number available.

An email will be sent to you when your results are available. If you do not have either of these numbers, please contact us with your full name and date of birth, requesting this information.

My test results do not appear when I enter my confirmation number.

You may have already viewed and then removed the test results from the website. If you suspect this is the case, please contact us with your full name and date of birth to request your result.

Alternatively, the testing completion number (TCN) or appointment confirmation number you are entering may be incorrect. Try copying the number from the email and then pasting it into the field. Or, check that you are not confusing an alphabetical O with the numerical 0. If you are still having trouble, please contact us with a description of your issue, your full name, and date of birth.

How do I apply for my licence/how do I renew my licence?

You must apply for or renew your licence through ServiceOntario. You can find more information on the licensing process and find the licence application documents on the ServiceOntario website.

Do I have to take a course and write the test if I was a security guard or private investigator in another province?

Should you hold a licence from another province, please contact ServiceOntario.

I want to transfer my security guard/private investigator licence to Alberta or another province. How do I do that?

Please contact us with a description of your request, your full name, date of birth, and your testing completion number.

What is a testing completion number (TCN)?

Your Ontario testing completion number is your ID code for your test and will be used by ServiceOntario and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) for licensing purposes. Your testing completion number can be found on your appointment confirmation and reminder emails. If you are having trouble locating this number, please contact us with your full name and date of birth and a description of your issue.

How do I get a testing completion number (TCN)?

Once you have completed your training, your training provider will upload your information to the private security and investigative services database. The system will generate a testing completion number for you and send it to you in an email.

What do I need to bring with me to the test session?

All materials required to take the test will be provided to you. No aids are permitted while taking the test. The guidelines for taking the test are fully explained in on the Test Day Instructions page.

What do I do to get a "dual" security guard and private investigator licence?

The licensing tests for security guards and private investigators are different. Someone wishing to obtain a "dual" licence will be required to successfully complete both tests, during different test sessions. For licensing requirements, please contact ServiceOntario.

Is it possible to find out why I got some answers wrong on the test?

No, unfortunately not. While we understand this would be a helpful study tool, to preserve the integrity and security of the test questions, we do not provide individualized feedback on marked tests. Private investigators and security guards are expected to possess a broad understanding of the curriculum and have the ability to apply such knowledge to real-life situations.

I failed my last test. Do I need to pay for and write the whole test again? Is there a wait time between tests?

Yes. You must book another test appointment and then rewrite the whole test, not just the parts that you missed last time. There is no specific wait time requirement between test appointments but, bookings must be made by 3:00pm on the day before the test.

Can a parent or employer access a candidate's test results?

No, not directly. We do not release test results to parents, employers, or prospective employers. Only the candidate can share (or give the consent to access) security guard or private investigator test results or the Ontario testing completion number that, along with the candidate's date of birth can be used to access results. Some candidates without computer access, for example, can ask their chosen ministry-identified training provider to assist with booking tests and downloading results.

My licence has expired. Do I need to take the test again?

Testing became a requirement in 2010. If your licence expired before 2010 and you have not yet written a security guard and/or private investigator test, then you will be required to write one before you renew your licence. Please see the ServiceOntario website for details on renewals.

I am in Ontario on a visitors/working/student visa. Am I allowed to take the test and apply for a licence?

Please contact ServiceOntario.

Why do I need to pre-pay for my test? I would rather pay on the day of the test.

Your prepaid test fee shows your commitment to follow-through on your appointment, reserves your seat, and ensures that the test centre has enough invigilators available and ready to administer and mark your test according to ministry standards.

Does the test fee include the licence application fee?

No. A separate licensing application fee must be paid to ServiceOntario.

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Please see the FAQs on the MCSCS website to learn more about testing and applying for a licence.

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