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Security, Privacy, and Consent

Serco Canada Inc. (Serco) is sensitive to the issues of security, privacy, consent, and protection of personal information for all users of Please review the information below and acknowledge by clicking the consent checkbox to continue.
Payment Security
This website is authorized by the Government of Ontario. Online payment is secure. Personal and credit card information entered on this site is transmitted electronically in a format that cannot be intercepted, altered, or decoded by a third party, as it is encrypted to ensure its confidentiality. This website complies with SSL encryption standards, under which transaction information will always be transmitted securely. Payment is made directly through Bambora/TD, a secure, credit card payment service. This website does not store credit card information on any transaction. As a result, you will be required to provide credit card information with every new booking.
Notice of Collection
While booking and taking a security guard or private investigator test, you will be asked to provide and/or confirm some personal information. The details that you provide to us allow us to book your test appointment, send a confirmation email, send an appointment reminder, confirm your identity to write the test, contact you in case of a test cancellation/change, and notify you of test results availability. Your personal information may also be used by SOLGEN or ServiceOntario to assist in processing your private security license application. However, you will not be placed on any promotional phone or mailing lists, nor will your information be released to any third party, except as may be authorized by law.
Serco Canada administers security guard and private investigator tests on behalf of the SOLGEN. Your test booking information, personal information, and test results will be accessible to authorized representatives of Serco, ServiceOntario, and SOLGEN only, unless you give consent otherwise. Training organizations, employers, and prospective employers do not have access to test appointment or test results information without your permission.