Cancellations & Disruptions

Security guard and private investigator tests are available year-round, rain or shine, at test centres throughout the province. Disruptions in the test schedule are rare, but they do happen occasionally. Our cancellation policy below describes our approach to cancelling and rescheduling security guard and private investigator tests due to weather, emergencies and natural disasters, extenuating personal circumstances, etc.

Test Appointment Cancellations by Candidates

Tests cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by test candidates. Once booked, the appointment for the test is final, and the associated fees are not refundable for any reason.

There are a few exceptions to the candidate-initiated cancellation policy:

  • Death in the immediate family (supported by death certificate)
  • Sickness or injury of the test candidate or in the immediate family (supported by medical note or death certificate)
  • Jury duty (supported by summons/form for jury duty)

Candidates must provide documented proof for any exception. Once acceptable proof is provided, Serco Canada Inc. will reschedule the candidate's appointment or provide a refund, depending on the situation.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment. Failure to arrive, or failure to arrive on time, for a scheduled test appointment will be considered as a candidate-initiated cancellation, and all prepaid test fees will be forfeited/lost.

Test candidates will not be permitted to sit the test if they fail to produce acceptable identification (ID) upon arrival. Failure to produce acceptable ID will result in a test cancellation for that candidate, and the test fee will be forfeited/lost. See the Test Day Instructions page for a list of acceptable ID options.

Candidates must adhere to the Candidate Protocol. Misconduct will prompt a cancellation and fee loss for that candidate. A test centre invigilator can cancel or terminate a test due to misconduct because of cheating, using unauthorized materials, removing tests, impersonation, disturbances, etc. See the Candidate Protocol for details.

Test Session Cancellations by Serco Canada Inc.

Occasionally, Serco Canada Inc. may cancel a test session due to inclement weather, a natural disaster, or localized emergency. All scheduled candidates will be alerted to session cancellations immediately.

If Serco Canada Inc. cancels a particular test session, any affected test candidate will be contacted to arrange a mutually agreeable, alternate test time. The customer service representative will be flexible in accommodating the test candidate's schedule when rebooking the test appointment time. In these circumstances, the exam will be rescheduled at no additional charge.

Effectively balancing the safety of customers and employees with delivering excellent customer service is very important to Serco Canada Inc. In cases of extreme weather, we will decide whether to cancel a test session based on local weather forecasts, advisories, and warnings; updates from local authorities (e.g., police); or in accordance with the Serco Canada Inc. health and safety policy. If a candidate is able to successfully reach/travel to the test centre during extreme weather conditions, and the test centre is open and able to administer the test, then the candidate will be permitted to write the exam at the discretion of the invigilator.

For More Information

If you have any questions or comments about the private security testing cancellation policy, please ask us.

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