Online Testing - available January 18th, 2021

Beginning January 18th, 2021, in addition to regular in-person testing at Serco test locations, online testing will be available for security guards and private investigators.

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions and lesser known facts about taking your test online.

What are the requirements to take my test online?

Online exam participation requires:

Desktop or laptop computer (no tablets or cell phones)

Reliable high-speed internet connection

Zoom – browser or local install (available through Examination Portal )

Webcam compatible with Zoom and able to be moved to display the candidate’s work area to the exam invigilator (built-in or external)

Microphone and speakers compatible with Zoom (no headphones, no headsets, no earbuds)

Willingness to see and be seen by your exam invigilator and other exam candidates during your exam session

Private quiet work area and a clear desk

You affirm that you will undertake the exam in an honest fashion, will abide by requirements prohibiting unauthorized assistance, unpermitted aids or resources and will not attempt to subvert or circumvent examination integrity security measures.

You understand that there is no tolerance of dishonesty, and that cheating can and will lead to automatic ejection from the exam and consumption of your test fee.

To make a booking for an online test, have your TCN and a credit card ready, click Start Online Booking button below, and select online from the list of available exam locations offered during the test booking process. The booking process involves several steps and normally takes a few minutes.

If you are unable to meet all of these requirements please choose an onsite exam at one of our physical locations.

On the day of your exam, if you do not meet these requirements you cannot participate in your exam and your test booking fee will be consumed. No refunds or rescheduling options are available for candidates who do not meet the requirements listed above.

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Why is online security guard and private investigator testing being provided?

In-person testing continues to be restricted to a small number of candidates per sitting to maintain physical distancing measures as recommended by public health guidelines due to COVID-19. In response to these physical distancing requirements, to mitigate any future disruptions to in-person testing, and to respond to industry demand, online testing is now offered in English and French to provide greater test access and scheduling flexibility.

Is in-person testing still available?

Yes, you can continue booking your in-person test session using the Serco website. The provincewide lockdown measures that came into effect on December 26, 2020, do not impact in-person testing. However, test candidates are required to schedule tests in advance and adhere to all public health measures put in place by Serco. Candidates who fail to comply with protocols set out at test centre locations could be denied entry and prevented from taking the test.

Is on-line testing available for all candidates?

Yes. As of January 18, 2021, online testing in both English and French is available for all security guards and/or private investigators seeking a licence.

Will someone be monitoring me while I write the test?

Yes, online tests will be monitored by a live agent to maintain the integrity of the test. If you have chosen to complete the online test, you will receive further details about the testing procedure.

Will I need to have special equipment to complete the online test?

To participate in the online test, you will require a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection along with a webcam and a microphone that is compatible with the Zoom video application. Serco will provide details to install the Zoom video application on your laptop/computer in advance of the test. To protect the integrity of the test process, the webcam/laptop will need to be able to be moved around, so the online invigilator can ensure there are no assistive devices or information readily available that could assist with the testing process. Tablets and cellphones cannot be used to participate in the online test.

How do I confirm my identity prior to completing the online test?

Serco’s in-person test protocols with respect to identity confirmation will apply to tests conducted online. Candidates will be required to confirm their identity by presenting a government issued ID to the testing invigilator prior to starting the test. Instructions will be provided by Serco once you have booked your test.
Individuals that do not have appropriate documentation available with them at the time of writing the test may not be permitted to write the test.

What happens if I lose internet connection while I am writing my online test?

If you lose internet connection while completing your online test, the test will be considered incomplete and you will need to take a new test. As a temporary measure through the lockdown period, candidates may re-take the test one additional time at no cost if there are technical problems.

Beyond the lockdown period, candidates will be required to pay the test fee for additional attempts to write the test, either in-person or online.

All candidates will be provided a set of guidelines after booking the test. Test candidates must ensure that they have a reliable internet connection and the appropriate environment to complete the test.

How long will I have to wait to find out if I passed the online test?

Serco's standard turnaround time for the posting of test results is two business days, for both in-person and online test services.

Will the results from the online test impact my ability to obtain a security guard and/or private investigator licence?

If you pass the online test you are eligible to apply for your security guard and/or private investigator licence using the regular online or mailed-in channels supported by ServiceOntario. If you do not pass the test, you will be required to pay the test fee for subsequent attempts to write the test.

If you are ready to book your security guard or private investigator test and have your TCN and a credit card ready, click Start Online Booking below. The booking process involves several steps and normally takes a few minutes.

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