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Serco Canada Inc. administers security guard and private investigator tests across Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS).

Serco is a service delivery company that specializes in delivering essential services on behalf of local and national governments and companies around the world. Serco Canada Inc. has been operating in Canada since the 1990s and now has 100 offices in 4 provinces Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

Serco's unique service ethos adds real value to client organizations and transforms the services they need to deliver. This provides them with certainty, now and into the future, so they can be confident they will be able to achieve greater efficiencies and better outcomes for their customers and citizens.

There are three things that enable Serco employees to deliver essential services particularly well:

  • When designing services, they always take into consideration the whole customer journey and not just the bit they have been contracted to deliver.
  • By drawing on broad and deep experience, they can apply the best service ideas wherever they come from to wherever they are needed.
  • They are experts in identifying and bringing together the right partners to form effective systems that provide lasting solutions for some of the toughest service challenges.

Together, these enable Serco to make good service great and to make a difference to the quality of people s lives across the globe.

A DriveTest employee standing in front of a Driver Examination Centre.