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The candidate protocol provides information on the most pertinent rules and policies related to taking the security guard and private investigator tests and is a must-read for all those who have booked a test appointment.

The candidate protocol is designed to:

  • Provide you with all relevant information concerning the test.

  • Provide a list of items prohibited from the test room.

  • Identify any actions that are deemed to be misconduct and the consequences of misconduct.

  • Inform you of the test accommodation options if you have a disability.

Pre-test Procedures

The invigilator at the test centre will provide instructions once candidates have been seated, and again prior to the start of the test.

Candidates will be asked to clear their work surfaces of all personal items. All electronic devices (cell phones, PDAs, iPads, etc.) must be stored under the desk, in a bag etc. All devices must be turned off. Only photo ID's may remain on the desk.

The invigilator will address any procedural or administrative questions but is not allowed to answer any questions regarding test content.

Test papers will be distributed by the invigilator. Tests are to be left untouched until otherwise instructed.

The invigilator will ask you to place your photo ID on top of the desk to confirm your identity before you are provided with your test. The ID will not be retained by the Invigilator.

Hands raised in a classroom setting with a blurred background.
A candidate sitting in front of a computer taking an exam.

Protocol During the Test

Restroom breaks will not be permitted once the testing session begins. If you decide to leave the test room without permission, your test will be terminated/forfeited.

Each test room has a clock affixed to the wall. If you complete your test before the scheduled end time, you are to remain seated, raise your hand, and wait to be called to the front by the Invigilator. This process will ensure that only one applicant is exiting the test room at a time. Once you place your completed test into the tray, you may leave the test room.

When the test time ends, any remaining candidates will be asked to stop writing. Failure to do so may result in a terminated/forfeited test. The invigilator will provide instructions on how to proceed.


If the test centre invigilator determines that test security has not been sufficiently maintained, he/she will terminate the test(s). The fee will be forfeited.

The invigilator may terminate a test and ask you to leave the test area if your conduct is disturbing to other candidates or is disrupting the smooth progress of the test. This includes:

  • Talking, communicating, or making excessive movement in the test room.
  • Passing or sharing materials with other candidates.
  • Reading questions and answering loudly, making loud noises.
  • Using electronic devices.
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking during the test period.

In these cases, the test will be marked as incomplete, and your test fees will be forfeited.

Any candidate discovered cheating, using unauthorized materials, removing test material from the test room, or impersonating a test candidate will have their test terminated and will receive a mark of 0.
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Result Delivery

You will receive an email when your test results are ready, within two business days of the test date. Once you receive the email, you can access your results on our website's page.