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Once you pass your security guard and/or private investigator test, you can apply for a security guard and/or private investigator licence at ServiceOntario.

Private Security Licences

ServiceOntario processes all private investigator and security guard licence applications for both new licences and renewals. Serco Canada does not process licence applications. After you complete a private security test, your test results are sent securely, automatically, and electronically to ServiceOntario. ServiceOntario checks your test results while processing your security guard and/or private investigator licence application.

To obtain a licence, you must meet all the minimum requirements, prepare/gather several documents, including a passport-type photo, Ontario training completion number (TCN), a signed declaration form from a guarantor, and appropriate ID and apply online or by mail. ServiceOntario has prepared a printable guide to assist in applying for your licence. You can find this guide on the government of Ontario's central forms repository.

Obtaining or renewing a licence, provided all your documentation is in order, may take up to 30 days. If you applied online, you can check the status of your application and download a temporary digital licence while you're waiting for your permanent card to be mailed to you.

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For More Information

Please see the ServiceOntario website to learn more about applying for a licence.