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Wondering what to expect on the day of your security guard or private security test? Find instructions and guidance below and on the page.

Arriving at the Test Centre

Security guard and private investigator tests are typically scheduled at Test Centres. Tests may take place before and after the posted hours of the Test Centre, with most tests taking place in the evening or on weekends.

You must arrive at the test centre at, or slightly before, your scheduled appointment time.

Because most security guard and private investigator tests take place beyond regular DriveTest business hours, we cannot accommodate accompanying guests in our waiting rooms while you write the test. Your guests will need to wait at home or in a nearby restaurant, library, mall, etc.

  • If you arrive at the DriveTest Centre prior to your scheduled test time, please take a seat in the waiting room and wait for an invigilator to invite all private security candidates into the test room.
  • If you arrive on time, look for private security related signage, proceed directly to the test room, and check in with the invigilator. Private security signage is normally posted near the DriveTest Centre entrance and in the test room.
  • Failure to arrive, or failure to arrive on time, for a scheduled test appointment will be considered as a candidate-initiated cancellation, and you will lose all prepaid test fees. In the case of a dispute related to arrival time, the clock in the test room and/or security camera footage taken at the DriveTest Centre may be consulted.
  • If you are uncertain you can travel safely to the test centre due to extreme weather conditions, please consult the Cancellations and Disruptions page of this website for more information.
Black and white picture of empty testing cubicles at a DriveTest facility.

Test Materials

All materials required to take the test will be provided to you and must be returned at the end of the test. No aids of any kind are permitted while taking the test.

Food and drinks are not permitted. You may bring coats, purses, bags, and phones into the test room. However, these items must be stowed beneath your desk, turned off, and cannot be accessed during the allotted test time.

Acceptable Identification (ID)

To sign in for your test, you must produce original, valid, unexpired, government-issued (from any country) photo ID to commence sign-in procedures. The ID must match the name you used to book your test and the name used for your Ontario testing completion number (TCN).

Health cards and social insurance cards are not acceptable as valid ID for the private security test.

Acceptable ID includes but is not limited to:

  • Any valid driver's licence
  • Ontario enhanced driver's licence
  • A valid passport from any country

Departing the Test Centre

After the test session is over, the test invigilator will ask you to leave the test centre promptly. If your test takes place during the evening or weekend, the doors will be locked immediately after the test. Please make sure you have pre-arranged a pick-up time or transportation home; there may not be a public phone to call a friend or taxi.

For More Information

The candidate protocol provides details on writing the test, including the rules around leaving the test room and preventing a forfeited test due to misconduct.